So wird’s unter’m Tannenbaum richtig gemütlich

Ein amerikanischer Onlineshop, den ich hier aus gutem Grund nicht verlinke, bietet diese geschmackvollen Weihnachtskerzen an:

Für Jung- und Altnazis, die das frohe Fest nicht zelebrieren wollen, indem sie den Führer langsam verbrennen, gibt es auch formschöne Bierkrüge:

Wirklich absurd wird das ganze, wenn man liest, was der Shopbetreiber sich bei diesem Design gedacht hat:

Michael, I have been a customer of PzG going on five years I have
always enjoyed the selection of goods and the good will set fourth by
you and your family especially in your assistance with Mr. Zundel’s
oppression. I am distressed and disappointed in your Mug and Candle
items „Hitler Christmas with Santa Hat“. I believe this item makes a
devalued caricature of a man that is not fitting. Please consider the
impact of such items on the legacy of his work, image, and historical
achievements. – Robert

Robert, Thank you for
writing me. I did indeed consider carefully the Fuehrer’s image before
I made the Merry Christmas mugs and candles both with and without the
stocking hat. At first glance I would agree with you and have done so
for several years. However the reason I changed my mind was that almost
no one knows just how generous the Fuehrer really was. When he was a
starving student he signed over his small pension to his half sister.
He personally picked out all the gifts for his staff and foreign heads
of state. He granted pensions to widowers and also granted estates to
many of his soldiers and generals including those of other countries.
These are just the few examples that I know of. Mostly he gave himself
selflessly to his beloved German people. My idea was to change the
perception of the Fuehrer to include his generous and loving nature by
causing people to stop and think about their long held views. This is
one of the reasons for the Blondie mugs, I’ll admit the Santa image is
a stretch to the lighter side. By the way the mugs, steins and candles
with the hat are out selling the ones without.

Adolf Hitler wird mit Weihnachtsmannmütze dargestellt, weil er laut dem Betreiber des Shops besonders großzügig und liebenswürdig war. Aha.


One Response to So wird’s unter’m Tannenbaum richtig gemütlich

  1. upyougmbh sagt:

    Vor ein paar Tagen habe ich shoppen bei der Webseite One Up
    you. Ich diese Seite euch allen weil bei diesem Shop gibt es viele verschiedene.
    Zudem sind die Preise unschlagbar.

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