Dinosaurs Who Are Communist for Some Reason

Dinosaurier und Kommunismus! Auf einem T-Shirt! Und auch die Beschreibung ist klasse:

What killed the dinosaurs? Capitalism. Only through a keen
understanding of the theory and praxis of class struggle can any
species hope to break the free market’s brutal cycle of boom and
extinction. If these mighty proletarian beasts had drawn the correct
lessons from previous evolutions, not only would they be alive today –
they’d be living in a dino-socialist utopia where the saurian class was
in firm command of the means of production.

Of course, they’d probably eat us all, so maybe things turned out for the best.

Wear this shirt: when you visit a natural history museum, to show solidarity with the exploited dinosaur skeletons.

Don’t wear this shirt: to North Korea. They won’t see the
humor and you’ll wind up in some windswept labor camp, eating grass and
sparrows. More importantly, you won’t be able to buy any more of our

This shirt tells the world: “From each according to his ability, to each according to his teeth.”


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